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Eastern Shore ROof Cleaning


Does your roof have black stains or green moss starting to grown on the roof? Don't replace it, clean it! With the proper techniques and solutions, your roof can be cleaned in a matter of hours to look like new!


What causes the black stains on my roof?

   The black stains forming on the North and East side of your roof are caused from spores that come off of trees. Once these organic spores drift and land on the roof, they begin to feed off of the limestone filler that is added to your shingles.


How long will it stay clean?

  Typically a roof will stay clean for 3-5 years depending on the distance from the trees.


Do you powerwash the roof?

  NO! NEVER powerwash your roof!! All roof cleaning is completed with a low pressure chemical application that kills the alage at the roots rather than just blasting away at the shingles!


How long does it take?

 A typical roof cleaning take less than 3/4 of a day!

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